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In 2007 Ada Wouters-Brongers of Physical WB Oisterwijk started training of riders using the flex chair.

As a physiotherapist, manual therapist and enthusiastic rider for many years she helped riders to improve their horse to sit.
Testing and training with the flex chair was for her a huge eye-opener.

Together with Saskia Heijkants (physiotherapist), they have a specialist in flex-chair rider training area by developing.

The practice Physio-WB has been the service and training for Flex-Chair Rider Trainers in the Netherlands and beyond.

The result is a beautiful Flexchair-Rider coach network in the Netherlands.

To expose the network to participate should the trainer to a number of technical skills training and riding needs. In addition, the network participants also committed to schools.


If you want to follow a course or workshop please always check this site. Here you will find information about the qualified trainers and other news.